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Edisonun Bitirdiği Okullar Nedir Parents: Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliott Edison Lewis Miller and Mary Valinda Miller First Marriage: Mary Stilwell Edison Marion Estelle Edison

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    Edisonun Bitirdiği Okullar Nedir

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    Edisonun Bitirdiği Okullar Nedir

    Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliott Edison
    Lewis Miller and Mary Valinda Miller
    First Marriage:
    Mary Stilwell Edison
    Marion Estelle Edison Oeser
    Thomas A. Edison Jr.
    William Leslie Edison
    Second Marriage:
    Mina Miller Edison
    Madeleine Edison Sloane
    Charles Edison
    Theodore Miller Edison
    Thomas Edison''''s parents: Samuel and Nancy Elliott Edison Samuel Ogden EdisonJunior was born on August 16 1804 in Digby Nova Scotia Canada. His grandfather John Edeson (which they pronounced Ae-di-son) was a Loyalist during the American Revolution and left New Jersey for Nova Scotia in 1784. Throughout his life Samuel changed work several times from splitting shingles for roofs to tailoring to keeping a tavern. Sometime after his marriage Samuel moved the family to Vienna Ontario where four of his seven children were born.
    Ironically Samuel Edison was not as loyal to the British crown as his grandfather. In 1837 he joined the Mackenzie Rebellion a revolt inspired by democratic activist William Mackenzie in the south of Ontario. When the rebellion failed Samuel escaped to the United States where he lived for the rest of his life. His wife and children later followed him to Milan Ohio (pronounced MY-lan)where they had three more children including Thomas Alva Edison their seventh and last child. (The other children were: MarionWilliam Pitt Harriet Ann Carlile Samuel and Eliza. Carlile Samuel and Eliza all died in childhood.)
    American-born Nancy Mathews Elliott married Samuel on September 12 1828. Her father had been a Revolutionary War hero; her grandfather was a Baptist minister. Unlike her husband she was a devout Presbyterian with some formal education. She put that education to good use. When "Al" left school she taught him at home. Thomas Edison later remembered "My mother was the making of me. She was so true so sure of me; and I felt I had something to live for someone I must not disappoint."
    Nancy suffered from symptoms of mental illness late in life. She died in 1871 when her son was 24. Samuel lived long enough to watch his youngest son succeed. He supervised the building of the Menlo Park laboratory. Three weeks after Nancy Edison''''s deathhe started a new relationship with his 16-year-old housekeeper Mary Sharlow. During their twenty years together they had three daughters. Samuel died in 1896 at the age of 92. "I am a master of smoking drinking and gambling " he claimed. "I have smoked and drank whisky moderately when I needed it and have known to let it alone."Top
    Mina Edison''''s parents: Lewis and Mary Valinda Miller
    Mina Miller Edison''''s family was quite different from that of her husband. Her great-grandfather had served for the Continental Army at Valley Forge. Her mother supported the Women''''s Christian Temperance Union. Her parents were devout Methodists.
    Lewis Miller was born in Stark County Ohio in 1829 and educated at Plainfield Seminary Illinois. He married Mary Valinda Alexander in 1852. He earned 92 patents on agricultural equipment his most famous invention being the Buckeye Mower and Reaper. Unlike his future son-in-law Miller believed passionately in formal education and served as president of the board of education in his adopted hometown of Akron Ohio.
    In 1872 Miller had an idea to combine the evangelical camp meeting with Christian education. Two years later along with the Reverend John Heyl Vincent he founded the Chautauqua Institute in upstate New York. Miller wrote "The original scheme was a Christian educational resort . . . [where] pleasure science and all friends of true culture should go side by side with true religion." He served as its president from 1874 until his death in 1899 at age 70. The Chautauqua Institute inspired several traveling lecture shows at the turn of the century. It still flourishes today and is open to visitors of all faiths.
    Lewis and Mary had eleven children. As a result Glenmont the Edison family estate often hosted Mina Edison''''s many nieces and nephews who attended schools on the east coast. Mary died in 1912 at age 82. Top
    First marriage to Mary Stilwell Edison

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