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    Evde ve okulda uyulması gereken kurallar ingilizce

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    1 - drawing attention to washing hands before and after the washing of food must be provided,
    use of soap used and observed
    2 - The menu of exceptional children's intervention avoided except when you eat, the menu
    If you're going to kind of thought, before eating and how much interest amplifier
    that, (for him as a child I grew up I had many) remarkable speeches, such as
    I said I do not eat at the table should not be bigger, but, if he can not be eaten at home
    If children want to eat the kind of menu would be wrong to cook. Children
    behavior improves after the example of the behavior of the surrounding. Samples should be consistent
    3 - Sitting together for dinner, the child as an individual place at the table or in alabilmeli
    should endeavor to take, does not eat the meal time is also eating meals
    yedirilmemeli hazırlamamalı eat, but if you have information that open can open
    leakage, leaving food out to eat somewhere yumulmalı, Children eat at the table
    must understand that eating is more fun, it should desire, this act will never leave hungry
    penalty should not be less interested in food and non food provided should not be perceived but, more
    be demonstrated to be tasteless (I will never forget hunger, starvation is no age penalty
    should not be used), the child should be provided training tattırılacak dining pleasure, the need for self-
    saturate the position is to come, will never be forced into, if possible, only yedirilmemeli,
    eat at the table with family members taking the place of
    4 - The ground should be prepared for the dinner table to eat a meal in itself, the first
    hinder the child's behavior is natural to encourage diligence by showing once dökmesi
    short-term assistance should be done gently failed cases.
    But the pleasure of self-feeding tatmalı; self doyuramıyorsa end up eating a little bit
    saturation of the assistance is provided for more than his belly. This is eaten with every meal in itself
    be repeated with much patience and tolerance.
    5 - The child's age, exposing the palate grows to be a grind meal
    climb, with pleasure that the request should be provided for the child to eat mixed, mixer
    not detected taste of what was taken menus should be avoided. Well if possible
    Food should be shelled and posalı wash with registration, the child's palate rough
    food, get used to it, the bowels should be ensured smooth operation of
    6 - Toys, paint pens and so on. His own materials to be distributed
    collection should be ensured, for it is not ordered, beginning with a few times
    toplanmadığında be subjected to doing something else should be told, at the end in itself
    should be doing
    7 - Morning and Evening GÜNAYDIN ​​- Good evening söylenilmesine degrading remarks
    should be taken without first to tell you that it is a necessary
    8 - Self-care should be given the time required for the development of skills (washing hands, wearing shoes, subtraction,
    Removing your clothes to wear and so on. ) Should be encouraged to undertake on their own, but they do pass the time as short as their assistance is necessary.
    9 - to encourage the child to the spoken words but never algılatılmalı is stable and precise
    making concessions should not be crying for the child's demands when you'll appoint
    should be done in, but it must always sung with the kesinleştirdiğiniz demands.
    Sabitlememelisiniz or time.
    10 - Children have been received or brought to school should be kept as short as possible period of Farewell
    sensing is also your job to bring her child or to another
    the emergence of demand should not be given the opportunity, and as much as possible not to compromise
    Care must be taken. Every bargain can negotiate the next day another.

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