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atatürk hakkında ingilizce sözler ingilizce atatürk sözler i burada hem atatürkün kendi sözler i hemde başkalarının atatürk hakkında söyledikleri var.. yabancıların atatürk hakkında söyledikleri The

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    atatürk hakkında ingilizce sözler

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    atatürk hakkında ingilizce sözler

    ingilizce atatürk sözleri

    burada hem atatürkün kendi sözleri hemde başkalarının atatürk hakkında söyledikleri var..

    yabancıların atatürk hakkında söyledikleri

    The United States

    Atatürk reminds us of one of this century’s greatest human successes, a leadership that gives inspiration to the Turkish people,a foresighted understanding of the modern world and his power and great courage as a military leader. The birth of a free Turkey out of a collapsing empire, the honorable proclamation of a New Turkey’s sovereignty and independence and its preservation since then is the work of Atatürk’s Turkish people. Without doubt, there’s no other example like his deep-rooted and broad-based revolutions in Turkey that demonstrate the confidence of the crowds in him.

    John F.KENNEDY
    (U.S. President, November 10, 1963)

    My sorrow is that, there is no more possibility to realize my strong wish to meet this man..

    Franklin ROOSEVELT
    (U.S. President, November 10, 1938)

    As a soldier-statesman, he was one of the greatest leaders of our time. He ensured Turkey to have a deserved place among the most advanced countries in the world. Likewise, he has given the Turks, what makes the cornerstone of the greatness of a nation, the sense of self-confidence and endurance.

    General Mc ARTHUR

    During a conversation with the Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Litvinof, I asked him who he thought was the most worthy and remarkable statesman of Europe. He replied that Europe’s most worthy statesman was the President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal.

    Franklin .ROOSEVELT
    (U.S. President, 1928)

    The world stage witnessed one of the most attentive and attractive men of history.

    The Chicago Tribune

    He was one of the most talented leaders of the postwar era.

    The New York Times

    He had embracing and extraordinary leadership power. He was vigilant, witty, and strikingly intelligent.

    Gladys Baker(Reporter)


    He was not an ordinary who was after personal benefit and glory, but a hero who tried hard to lay a solid foundation for the generations to come.

    Prof.Walter L.WRIHT, Jr.

    Atatürk has left Turkey without a single enemy. This is a thing that no other state leader of our time has succeeded in doing .

    German Volkischer Beobachter Journal

    Germany admires Atatürk’s work and struggle. It sees in him a mighty personality whose historic monument will last as a symbol for all nations who love freedom.

    Berlin, German Agency

    Those who want to rebuild peace, well-being and who want mankind to develop not only materially but also morally in the suffering world, must take Atatürk’s encouragement and leadership as an example.

    Professor Herbert MELZIG (Historian)

    His historical greatness can be measured by his work, the Turkish Republic. This genuine public leader and statesman, who has united his steel-solid resolution and zeal with his far-sighted intelligence and wisdom, instilled a very different soul into even the farthest and remotest villages of the Anatolian mountains.

    Illustrierte Magazine

    By maintaining his affection for his people and for mankind, he is performing an exciting scene to the world showing what a genius has created.

    Herbert MELZIG


    He embodies all signs of humanity .

    Noelle Journal

    As the old Ottoman Empire disappears like an illusion, the establishment of the national Turkish State is one of the most impressive successes of this era. Mustafa Kemal has created a monumental piece of work. Atatürk’s brilliant success has been an example for all colonies.

    Maurice BAUMANT(Professor)

    He was a great man… a political genius.

    Excelsior Journal

    He is contemparily one of the world’s greatest personalities.

    Le Jour-Echo de Paris

    The Turks, who are the most loyal of all nations, will never forget that Atatürk was the savior of their nation.

    Noell Roger Journal

    In the great man standing in front of me, in the great unknown I have discovered, ability and character exist in such harmony that there could be no doubt about his words.

    Claude Ferrer(Writer)

    Today’s Turks have reached the level of a vigorous nation that terrified Europe centuries ago. And tonight, the Turkey standing next to this deceased great master is a strong and robust Turkey.

    Pierre Dominique(Journalist)

    The man who went beyond centuries!

    France, Paris Media

    The work that he has achieved through intelligent and peaceful methods will leave traces in the history of mankind.

    Albert LEBRUN (French President)

    In a country where all existing titles have been removed, this man has earned all titles. In that country, the most honorable name has been given to him.

    Mercel Sauvage(Journalist)

    This could be presented to mankind as an example of tested philosophy. In just ten years, Atatürk has achieved those works that could otherwise take centuries.

    Gerrad Tongas(Writer)

    Atatürk has realized the miracle of modernizing a society in just a few years.

    Paris-Le Temps

    Atatürk passed away. The Eastern column of the Dome of Peace has fallen. No one can guarantee peace in the universe anymore. As a matter of fact, the European Statesmen did not listen to his warnings and recommendations in 1930 and they led the world into the second great war disaster in 1939.

    SANERWIN Newspaper

    On the occasion of the signing ceremony of the Ankara Treaty with the new Turkish State when the Assembly cried “He has stabbed us in the back, he has collaborated with wild brigands in the mountains, with Mustafa Kemal followers”, French PM replied as follows: “Had the ones you called wild brigands, the hero Mustafa Kemal and all his soldiers, had they been here, we would have erected their statues one by one. I’m proud to have signed such a heroic treaty”. (1921)

    French Prime Minister BRIAND

    A revolutionist and a rebel , then a glorious commander, the “Father of Turks” has created the New Turkey, expelled the sultans, has given freedom to women, abolished the fez and made a radical revolution in his country.

    From Paris-Soir

    It can be said that without him, the Islamic world would have waited another fifty years to find its way.

    Berthe Georges-Gaulis

    He is like a high mountain. The ones living at its foot cannot see its greatness. In order to grasp the magnificence of this mountain, one must look at it from a very far distance.

    Claude FERRER ( French Writer )

    Today, Turkey’s history is more than ever inseparable from Western and European history. Atatürk’s efforts in that direction are not pointless. The friendship between our countries that goes beyond centuries is one of the basic elements of this evolution.

    Charles De GAULLE

    I want to emphasize a point in order to show a part of Kemal Atatürk’s character. He was relating one of his battles. Suddenly he stopped and said “You see, I’ve won many victories. But even after the greatest ones, each night, I feel a deep sorrow in my heart thinking about all the soldiers who died on the battlefield”. Is it possible not to be amazed at the Chief, who created miracles for his country, to have such a great heart in addition to his courage and intelligence?

    George BENNES ( Vu Journal -1938 )

    Great personalities of the period have proclaimed in their books and in various conferences that, Turkey would never change and would die without changing. However, it has changed from tip to toe without dying. All beliefs, traditions and methods have changed. They have swept away from the country the last remains of foreign battleships and capitulations. Turkey changed its soul completely and as much as can be imagined.

    Raymond CARTIER ( Le Nouvelliste Journal )

    The United Kingdom

    He’s one of the leading statesmen of the postwar period. He constituted a class on his own and he was unique in all aspects.

    The Fortnightly, London

    Europe has lost one of the few creative statesmen that appeared after the war.


    In our age, no name has created greater respect than that of Atatürk.


    Britain salutes the great man that he has known first as a brave and noble enemy, then as a loyal friend.

    Sunday Times

    He was a unique statesman. He achieved great things by means of a free order that democracies haven’t and will not achieve and dictators wouldn’t tolerate. In history, such men gave their names to their era.

    Word Price

    He has secured a life full of freedom and trust that no prior generations in Turkey have ever enjoyed. His successes have made Turkey a European state and changed the history of the Near East.

    Times Journal

    The death of Atatürk, who saved Turkey during the war and resurrected the Turkish people, is not a loss only for his country, but also for Europe. The sincere tears that people from all classes have shed are the true reflection of the importance of this great man, the Father of modern Turkey. (1938)

    Winston CHURCHILL (British Prime Minister)

    Atatürk was a leader who flew like a Turkish Flag in the souls of the Turkish people.

    Daily Telegraph

    The Turkish Republic’s President Kemal Atatürk has embodied in his personality estimable qualities like modesty, competency and success, which we are not used to seeing in other leaders

    The Truth Magazine

    The presence of that young and genius Turkish Chief in Gallipoli at that time, was one of the most bitter blows in history for the Allied Powers.

    Alan Moorehead ( Writer )

    Since he never pondered over obsolete sciences in vain, Atatürk was a leader with fresh and brave ideas. Considered to be the greatest statesman in Europe, Atatürk, without doubt, is the bravest and most original statesman of all.

    Herbert Sideabotham ( Writer )

    The power to grasp any event in details and the ability to take immediate action are primary sources of his peerless authority (1923).

    Grace Ellison ( Journalist )


    He was a great man not only for Turkey, but also for Eastern People.

    Emanullah HAN ( Afghan King )


    The Turkish People are mourning because they have lost their unique chief who created the New Turkey.

    Stipsi Journal


    He was a man of great ideas and an architect of a state.

    Neue Freie Presse, Vienna

    Atatürk is not a dreamer. He knows what he wants, he does what he knows, and he does not want anything that he cannot manage.

    Austrian sculptor KRIPPEL


    Atatürk is the only statesman who has served his people with such extent and in such a short time.

    Libre Belgique Journal


    The strong, rapid and radical modernization movement achieved by the Father of New Turkey has not been carried out by any other country.

    Bulgarian Dness Journal


    Mustafa Kemal is the heart of the New Turkey. From an old and exhausted society, he has created a strong nation, he has earned the respect of everyone through his unique personality and energy and he has made others believe in him.

    Ma Shao-Cheng (Writer)


    Atatürk is the man who created the biggest reality of the twentieth century.

    Kopenhag-National Tidende

    Atatürk was an enormous sign of personality and talent. He was the man who created the twentieth century’s most splendid phenomenon.

    National Tidence Journal


    Atatürk was an extraordinarily talented statesman and one of the most important personalities of the postwar world history.

    Hufvud Stadbladet Journal


    One of the greatest men that the world has ever brought up.

    Star of India

    Atatürk was the leader of not only the Turkish people, but of all people who fought for the sake of their freedom. Under his command, you have gained your freedom. We, too, have taken that route to gain ours.

    Mrs. Sucheta KRIPALANI

    The Chairman of the Indian Parliamentary Delegation


    Men like Atatürk are not born for a generation, or for a certain era. They are people who, with their leadership, will reign for centuries in the history of nations.

    Teheran journal

    Atatürk was not only a great chief for his heroic people; he has also become mankind’s greatest son.

    Iran Journal


    The world has lost the most remarkable man of our era.

    Palestine Post

    Without doubt, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is one of the greatest statesmen brought up before the World War in the twentieth century and also was a brave and great reformist that no other nation has ever had.

    Ben Gurion

    Israeli Prime Minister (1963)


    Had he not been, modern Turkey wouldn’t have been established. Thanks to him, the Turks will observe his extraordinary work and they will elevate their honor, which is already highly regarded in the world.

    Nya Dagligt Journal


    I salute by bowing with respect before this Greatest Man of our history, the one who created Turkey.

    Professor MORRF

    He was not only a soldier, but also a genius that our century will never see again.

    Professor SEKRETAN


    The personality of this glorious commander at the head of the state he created with his people’s absolute trust, which he earned throughout his life, is the example of a unique character.


    With his superior will, his inexhaustible bravery and unique intuitive knowledge, he has brought his opponents to their knees. His virtue and seriousness, in a three-year period, has made his country win not only a military, but also a full and satisfactory political victory.

    F.Perrone Di San Martino (Writer)

    With the death of Atatürk, an extremely strong personality that was a primary element in the development of the Near-East has disappeared.

    Tribuna Journal


    An extraordinary and attractive person. Great as a soldier and greater as a statesman.

    Japan Times

    The greatest leader the Asia Minor has raised for centuries.

    The Japan Chronicle


    Great men pioneer their generations. The leader of the Turkish People, the great and genius Atatürk, was an undaunted, great and patriotic man in the political scenes and on battlefields.


    Lebanese Prime Minister, November 10, 1963

    As a literally constructive and creative leader, Atatürk has drawn an entirely new border for his country on the world map.

    L’Orient Journal (1938)

    Atatürk is one of the rare geniuses that the world has raised. He has changed the entire course of history.

    Ennehar Journal (1938)

    He’s one of the rare geniuses that the world has raised. He has changed the course of the history of the world.

    An Nahar


    He has been the first man in our century to prove the historical fact that, “Nothing is impossible”.

    Esti Ujsag.Magjar

    The world has become destitute with the death of this great man, the hero of war and peace.

    Pester Lioyd journal

    I compare Turkey to a beehive and all the Turks to diligent bees looking for honey. Just as the bees gather around their queen and work, today the whole Turkish Nation has gathered around the great genius Mustafa Kemal.

    Professor M.Zaajti Franes


    He is one of the most extraordinary persons of the era, even perhaps of the whole history.

    Egyptian journal


    Atatürk will remain in history as one of the greatest men of his country.

    Le Morgen Bladet Journal


    Kemal Atatürk is one of the greatest men not only of this century. In Pakistan, we consider him one of the greatest men of all eras. A military genius, a natural-born leader and a great patriot…

    Eyup Han

    President of Pakistan

    Although our origin was a spark that had turned pale, with his look, we’ve become a sun encompassing and enlightening the universe.

    Ikbal (Poet)


    There is no domain in which his creative soul and vehement patriotism have not acted…

    Gazeta Polska


    Atatürk will go down in history as a clever organizer, the savior of his country the people’s ruler creating miracles.

    Independence Romaine Journal ( November 12, 1938)

    Atatürk ranks as the first amongst rulers who, with a will of iron, have saved, strengthened and elevated a nation on the edge of disaster .

    Timpul Journal (November 12, 1938)


    The ruling of the experienced President, whose reputation has spread all over the world, has strengthened, with continuing success, the independence of the great Turkish Nation, which has earned the love and respect of everyone and has created its new national structure.

    Soviet Prime Minister Kalinin


    Upon saving his country from an imminent downfall and after bringing the ship to safe haven, he did not demand a throne from his people. He was,literally, a man, a unique genius, a heroic soldier and a politician…

    Elifba Journal

    The achievements of Atatürk are miraculous and wonderful. The reforms that he has made in his country within a few years are works that cannot be achieved in centuries.

    El Tekaddum Journal


    The genius of Atatürk is one of the greatest examples of the virtue that the Turkish Nation has carried throughout history.

    Branko Aczemovic (Ambassador)

    History will engrave this statesman’s name with indelible letters. Atatürk is a man of the people. His iron will, his sharp intelligence and his might have enabled him to overtake his destiny; thus, he has become the creator of the New Turkey.

    Politika Journal


    Turkey was lucky enough to have such a genius man who earned the admiration of both his friends and opponents.


    kendi sözleri

    Atatürk quotes

    * Happy is he who says, “I am a Turk”.
    * As they have come, so they will go.
    * One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever.
    * There are two Mustafa Kemal’s. One is the flesh-and-bone Mustafa Kemal who now stands before you and who will pass away. The other is you, all of you here who will go to the far corners of our land to spread the ideals which must be defended with your lives if necessary. I stand for the nation’s dreams, and my life’s work is to make them come true.
    * To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face. To understand my thoughts is to have seen me.
    * I have been able to teach many things to this nation, but I haven’t been able to teach how to be lackeys.
    * Peace at home, peace in the world.
    * I am not ordering you to attack, I am ordering you to die.
    * This nation has not lived without her independence. She will not and cannot live without it. Liberty or death!
    * Turkey’s true master is the peasant.
    * Do not be afraid of telling the truth.
    * To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face. To understand my thoughts is to have seen me.
    * The Turkish Republic will be happy, prosperous and victorious.
    * A healthy mind in a healthy body.
    * Armies, your first goal is the Mediterranean. Forward !
    * Our great ideal is to raise our nation to the highest standard of civilization and prosperity.
    * Culture is the foundation of the Turkish Republic.
    * Following the military triumph we accomplished by bayonets, weapons and blood, we shall strive to win victories in such fields as culture, scholarship, science and economics.
    * You will see my children, in the future everything will be done from the sky. All wars and civilizations will be in the skies above. That’s why we must give great importance to the air force. The future is in the sky.
    * Liberty and independence are my character.
    * Victory is for those who can say “Victory is mine”. Success is for those who can begin saying “I will succeed” and say “I have succeeded” in the end.
    * Sovereignty is not given, it is taken.
    * Authority, without any condition and reservation, belongs to the nation.
    * Every nation as the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country.
    * Teachers are the one and only people who save nations.
    * Teachers: the new generation will be your devotion.
    * The cornerstone of education is an easy system of reading and writing. The key to this is the new Turkish alphabet based on the latin script.
    * Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.
    * Our true mentor in life is science.
    * The Turkish Nation consists of the valiant descendants of a people that has lived independently and has considered independence the sole condition of existence. This nation has never lived without freedom, cannot and never will.
    * We Turks are a people who, throughout our history, have been the very embodiment of freedom and independence.
    * Our nation has succeeded owing to the unshakable unity it has shown in its actions and endeavors.
    * Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives (at Gallipoli battles).. You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours.. You the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears. Your sons are now living in our bosom and are in peace. Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.

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