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Şekilli İngilizce Nickler It’s All AbOut You (K)(L) If You Have A Problem , And You Need A Hand , Just Call My Number ,
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    Şekilli İngilizce Nickler

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    Şekilli İngilizce Nickler

    It’s All AbOut You

    (K)(L) If You Have A Problem, And You Need A Hand, Just Call My Number, Because I’m Your Friend! (L)(K)

    [i]si[m] ..::..*(L)*..::.. ωнσ’ѕ тнαт gιяℓ؟..::..*(L)*..::..

    (L)°o.O(ark. ismi)O.o° You Are Sweet, Funny And Crazy Just Like Me (L)You 4-ever!


    (L)OnLy TrUe FrIeNdS HaVe A PlaCe In My HeaRt(L)

    ]]¤Only True Friends Have A PleAce In My Hart..((L))

    =» you don’t have to be crazy to be my friend, but it sure helps! :d«=

    =» BesT . FriendS . For ‘ Ever «= ~
    l) ηєνєя ωαηηα ℓєт уσυυ gσ _.xX (l)

    (f) Life Is What You Choose (a) (f)

    (w)ι ωιsн ѕ¢нσσℓ ωαѕ נυѕт α ηιgнтмαяє(w)

    No time for love (L) !

    x [isim] x Keep yOur head up__(W)

    [xXx]Don`t Leave Me If U (l) Me[xXx]

    × me ! myself ånd I .(L)

    …::Live Your Own Life::…

    Open Your Eyes Can`t You See I`m Not In Love . ;

    they say that we can learn something from the teachers like they have a good life we don`t want to become just like them

    School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, and nobody is perfect, so why practice ?

    …ℓιιѕтєη т۵ мy нєαят cаn у۵υ нєαя iт ѕιηg tєℓℓiηg mє t۵ gιvє u єvєяythιηg…

    ( нєу мιѕтєя ∂נ ωσυℓ∂ уσυ тυяη тнє мυѕι¢ υρ,,!! (

    (F) They say in Heaven, Love comes First… We`ll make Heaven a Place on Earth (F)

    (8)Bring that beat back (k)(

    ((*)(L)[x][X][x)Hold you in my arms 4-ever[x][X][x](L)(*)(

    _[(W)] One wOrd _[]

    (w)she`s lost inside. no place to go, to dry her eyes.(w)

    _(8)nObOdy gOnna lOve me better,, I muSt stiCk with yOu 4-ever(_(L)

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